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Elimileak EL 050 PCI - Radio Link PC Interface

The EL 050 PCI has the same features as the standard radio-link system but is capable of receiving and storing data from any number of water meters directly to a personal computer. The data on the PC can then be accessed either locally or remotely (via a LAN or WAN) using our Utility Management Software Package.

The software package includes a standard suite of reports showing usage trend information in both graphical and tabular format. The software will also generate a warning alarm in the event of a leakage situation being detected.

If required, the standard package can be tailored to suit your own reporting requirements. The package fully supports ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) over a network allowing the data to be accessed by many other applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Word etc) thus enabling further data manipulation or use of alternative means of data display.