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Elimileak Accessories

EL 050 I (BMS Interface)

EL 050 I (BMS Interface) The Elimileak BMS Interface enables the transfer of data from the standard Elimileak EL 050 TRS System to a Building Management System (BMS). The Interface Unit connects to the system receiver (or display/alarm unit) by means of a single lead that provides a serial data link and power to the interface. The Interface Unit can then be connected to any BMS system that accepts the standard “open collector” outputs provided by the interface.

The Interface Unit regenerates the pulse outputs from the water meter so that a pulse counter within a BMS can totalise the amount of water used. The Interface contains a non-volatile memory so that the total pulses produced by the interface will always match those produced by the water meter even in the event of periods of power failure.

The EL050 I has five “normally open circuit” alarm status outputs, one for Constant Flow Alarm, one for High/Low Flow Alarm etc, etc. In addition there is one “normally closed circuit” status to give warning of any power supply problem.



EL 050 RP (Radio Signal Repeater)

The Elimileak Radio Signal Repeater is used either to extend the transmission range of the standard Elimileak System over a longer distance (e.g. up to several kilometers) or to overcome an obstacle such as a large building or dense woodland which may otherwise block or weaken the radio signal. Multiple repeater units can be used in combination to achieve a suitable signal reception in almost any circumstances




EL 050 PC (Pulse Combiner)

The Elimileak Pulse Combiner enables the water consumer to use the Elimileak System in situations where a Combination Water Meter is installed. This type of meter combines a high resolution by-pass meter used for lower or “normal” usage with a lower resolution main meter which is used for large water demand periods. The Elimileak Pulse Combiner Unit will add together the different pulse rates output from the main and by-pass meters in order to allow the correct overall consumption total in Litres to be displayed.