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Why Save Water ?

Water can cost a company as much as 1 - 2% of its turnover. A £1 million turnover company may spend £10,000 - £20,000 a year on water. In situations where there has been no previous attempt to save water, a modest investment in water saving technology can cut this water bill by 20% to 50% . The Government sponsored Watermark Project has shown that an investment of £1 in water conservation measures can result in savings of up to £10.

Forward looking organisations that take steps to address water conservation and make their efforts public can spread good practice and can also create positive publicity for their business helping to gain competitive advantage.

The key to any effective water saving programme is the ability to measure your consumption, based on the principle that: If you donít measure it you canít manage it! The problem is that most water company meters are positioned in locations that render the regular monitoring of water consumption almost impossible.

The Elimileak System overcomes this problem by providing up to date water usage information in a location convenient for the consumer. The system will also alert the user to any potential leakage or wasteful consumption situations, potentially saving thousands of pounds.