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Customer Comments

“I am very pleased to be invited to report on the contribution the Elimileak System has made to this authority’s efforts to improve water management.

The system has now been installed at over thirty schools and apart from the considerable number of sites where leakage/wasteful usage was immediately detected the system continues to provide all the sites with a simple but highly effective method of monitoring water usage.

Elimileak provides a constant stream of consumption data delivered directly to a convenient monitoring site. The system alarms quickly alert our Site Managers to any unusual water flow condition thus enabling early remedial action to be taken to reduce water loss preventing the high cost associated with the late detection of leakage. The easy access to water meter data also enables the effectiveness of newly installed above ground water saving controls to be monitored.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Elimileak System and would encourage its use by any school or commercial water consumer who has an interest in improving water management techniques,”

Denis Mattos BSc (Hons) C.Eng. MCIBSE. ICIOB

Principal Mechanical Engineer - Property Maintenance

Cornwall County Council

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